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Imagineer of PURPOSE, YOU MATTER AND Co-moderator AGAPE CLUB

(Potential Untapped Resources Provided Opportunities for Success Explored)

2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 6 PM EST Men’s forum
1st and 3rd Monday of the month 7:05 PM EST Women’s forum

Seniors, those with terminal illness, caregivers and their support system having conversations on death, dying, overcoming, healing and living an intentional life on clubhouse! Fourth Thursdays of the month 7:05 PM EST

AGAPE: Awareness, Growth, Altruism, Purpose and Enthusiasm Tuesdays,Wednesday’s and Saturday’s

Corporate Mentorship for youth and a resource for parents in helping their kids find vision and passion so that purpose can be created.

Creator of Give the World A Smile oral health education .

RDH Oral Health Educator with 23 years experience.

Dental hygiene is my niche as I love doing it, it doesn’t feel like work when I do it and I get compensated for it!

I am a lover of God by choice. I am a Smile creator. 😍Faith whisper. I see life though the lense of Gods word. I am Hope dealer. I believe in serving and helping others grow their vision, passion and their voice, so therefore their purpose!

I have a passion for people, as does God! Serving people is my life privilege.

CH creator: You Matter ..... join me it’s about YOU! 👇🏻👇🏻

You matter! Say I matter!
Therefore consequently we all matter! Together we are stronger and better!


Invited by: Fadia (Fay-di-ah)

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