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Updated: Nov 25, 2023
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Hi I am Odysseus.
I am Known To My Close Friends And Professional Colleagues As Prof. AL. aka Odysseus Ithaca. I have a doctorate in aeronautics/aerospace engineering and minor in political science


Schools: University Of Georgia Tech/ Munich University Of Technology/ Georgia Military University.

Previous Jobs: U.S Military/ And Former Assistant Professor At Berkeley University/ "FBI" Federal Bureau of Investigation, Former FBI Special Agent/ Counterterrorism Special-Task Force Unit.

Work: Analyst Officer In The Defence Department.

- Representative Of "Equatoria Civil Association Council In Diaspora, ECACD."

Hobby:Sports/ Travelling/ Books/ Board Games.

Religious Beliefs:
-My Religion Is Humanity,
-My Faith Is Love,
-My Gospel Is Kindness,
-My Crusade Is Freedom,
-And My Trust Is On God
- And Someday I Will Die, So Why Worry On What Label Of Religion I Hold?
"I am Just A Human Seeking The Path Of Righteousness"

Humanity: If You're A Human You're Welcome To Join Me My Dear Friend In The Journey Of Evolved Beings, Life Is Good And Hell Is Experience Only The Strong Overcome It With Wisdom & Humility.

My Personal Quotes:
-Wit & Wisdom Are Born With Mankind, And Thus It Is Up To Mankind To Acquire Knowledge So To Conquer The Things That Makes Him/Her Primitive.

-I am Not A Simple Open Book To Be Read By Simple Minds.

Quotes By Famous People:

-Fortune Favors The Bold.

-The Secret Of Freedom Lies In Educating People. Whereas The Secret Of Tyranny Is Keeping Them Ignorant.

-The King Must Die So That The Country Can Live.

- You Could Also Follow Me In Other Political Forums:
-Equatoria Free Forum At Facebook & YouTube Channel

-My Facebook Name: Odysseus Ithaca

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