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Alexander Technique Stat Certified Teacher

Hi Clubhousers

Poise Alexander Technique (room name)

I will be here on Saturday night in the room, Poise Alexander Technique.’ I’ll be answering all your Alexander Technique questions and more.

I will also be hosting a guided Alexander Technique relaxation every Tuesdays at 1pm BST GMT + 1.

I’m a highly experienced Alexander Technique practitioner. It’s my job to help you feel better. Whether it’s back pain, muscle pain, headaches or general stress. I love to talk!

Alexander Technique is embodied mindfulness. If you have back pain or muscular pain, if you are highly strung, suffer from stress or anxiety, migraines, insomnia and these kinds of problems, it can help you.

I got into the technique as an actor and had dreadful posture, literally, a hunch back! But actually sorting out those problems was relatively straightforward. It was the more existential problems that I found Alexander Technique helped me with. Sorting out my head, calming down. Becoming more aware, of myself, my feelings, the environment. Practicing the technique becomes a way of life, mindfulness thinks about it, Alexander Technique is embodied mindfulness.

Would love to talk with other practitioners and entreupractioners!

[email protected]

Youtube ‘Alexander Technique made easy’ lots of content, self help, thinking, interviews.

Google ‘Nick Chapman Alexander Technique’ for youtube, articles, blog etc.

Available in person or online worldwide.

Invited by: Melek Abay

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