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Updated: May 22, 2022
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🖤❤️peace on the earth 🇺🇦
No music, No life.
I am not an artist, but I am a great listener and music lover.

Born and raised in Japan.🇯🇵
📍Currently Living in Saitama-pref near Tokyo since 1999.
have been🇺🇸🇰🇷🇮🇹

Iived in US for almost 10 years decades ago.🇺🇸

I miss HSU、Mr. Kosugi Hayata, great bassist of Suchmos, father, and husband. R.I.P.


I am a big fan of Aliennete since I have joined Clubhouse. So many talented great performers are in clubhouse.

I am a fan of Ran Takahashi who was in a Olympic team’s volleyball player. He is so handsome and great player.

枝豆 信子😊
I am part time farmer for harvesting and shipment of edamame (green soybean) during summer time.

🎓Business Management(BS)
Worked for Louis Vuitton in USA.

👩‍🏫Currently working as an English teacher.

traveling, meeting people, entertainments, reading, music and art, aroma, yoga, gardening and Psychology.

I love Suchmos.(Japanese Rock band)currently stopped performing.

My belief: 信条
Practice Makes perfect.
Be positive.
You can do it.
Smile always brings happiness.

Clubhouse は英会話の練習の為に始めたのですが、何故かいろいろなルームに沼っています。

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