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Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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🗣Communication/negotiator coach 🗂 Entrepreneur/4 businesses/podcast.
Decade + as Int. Hostage/Crisis Neg 🇬🇧

🗣Privileged to share thousands of life changing conversations with incredible people in the most challenging of situations. 👂

🤝I specifically help busy women improve their relationships and feel heard through my three step “how to communicate with confidence ” system.

🥇First female Director of the National Hostage & Negotiation Police Training in the UK.

International Negotiation and Communication Trainer including working closely with the FBI.

Operational experience in international/national kidnaps, crisis negotiation and suicide intervention.

🤝Did you know the majority of police negotiators in the UK are volunteers who negotiate because they want to make a difference. They provide 24/7 cover 365 days of the year. They are some of the unsung heroes of the emergency services 🏅

Mental health advocate

☺️ Kindness is key and free

🅱️ I believe we all have a story and we can learn from everyone.

👩‍👩‍👧 Step mum - I have learnt so much about negotiation and building relationships through my lovely daughter.

📚Dare to Listen - My self development book where I share my journey and life lessons from hostage and crisis negotiations is close to being published


Mission is to use the skills I learnt as a negotiator to help others improve their communication in every day relationships.

Three lessons from the thousands of conversations I was privileged to share in:
We all have a story
We all have a crisis at some time
Many of us feel lonely and unheard.

☕️Created a community hub in my village consisting of a garage, gym and coffee shop so no one in my area would have to feel lonely and would always have a place to go. Gym and coffee shop are social enterprises.

Communication is not a soft skill, it’s the fundamental core of every day interaction which is incredibly powerful.

Changing the world one conversation at a time 😁

Invited by: Rosie Khandwala

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