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Updated: Aug 6, 2022
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Ready to build a world-class sales team?

I help businesses with sales teams by finding the right people, processes and tools so they can grow sales 300%.

You could say I put the sass in sales!

For pleasure, I find joy as a single mom with four kids and advocate for women's health, wealth and happiness. I also relish a mermaid lifestyle boating, kayaking or being anywhere near the water.

I wish you well and send blessings to all your generations.

Host of the Profit and Scalability Summit #CEO #SalesSaaS

Client industries include tech startups, real estate, coaches, trainers, retail, medical and small businesses.

Draw on experience of building 6 businesses to a 7-figure annual recurring revenue, regional expansion or exit strategy.

📧 [email protected]

Invited by: Tyler Sheff

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