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Updated: Aug 13, 2022
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What are you investing into Your Highest Greatness?

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(Linked to Instagram below 👇)

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Life and at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute.

(1st Federally Accredited college of Hypnotherapy)

***Hypnotherapy is but one of the many benefits I can offer you. Ask for more.***

Now offering Uniquely You Hypnotherapeutic sessions that Honor You and Your Unique wants and needs based on the interesting and often challenging times and mindset of Our World today.
Uniquely You Hypnotherapeutic sessions are now available with Sliding scale pricing because I just want You to Be and Feel better.
Pricing is based on your needs and your abilities.
Various packages and support products available.
You can now KNOW that you are perfect whenever you choose to know your own perfection. The KNOWING that You Are Brilliant is available when you choose it!

You are Whole
You are Great
You are Brilliant...

Get congruent Now!

ALL is True about You.
What do you choose? Greatness? Or less?
Let me know.

I Am here to be of service.

That said...

Go to my Instagram linked below and click the link to discover my current offerings to support Your Highest Greatness.

***If you need anything that you don't see then connect with me and I will find or direct you to something that can help you.***

Work with me. Ask for help. It's FREE to Discover how I can help you but You Have To Ask

Thank you 😊

Payment and Investment options available...

CashApp @Live360Degrees


[email protected]

Let's Collaborate, guide, learn, teach, play, work and heal...
Together as Conscious Humans Now!


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