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Updated: Sep 25, 2022
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Do not let yourself be influenced by individualistic thinking, to limit your favors on your person, to be only focused on your life, to lead a life outside society, not to participate in social activity, to pour yourself into the 'selfishness. Keep the culture and the human essence and not that of individualism. Stay away from self-centeredness as long as you can because ❤️GOD❤️ was born in a society and not in a distant forest, ❤️ALLAH❤️ could do it well. However, ❤️GOD❤️ preferred to put you to the test in society to see how you would behave with Men. Know that the greatest well-being you can achieve is the one that benefits the most people. When you have money, share no matter how many, when you have enough food, invite others to serve. Help people, be altruistic, be generous. Adouna dou dara loffi guiss day dieex. Baax rek mo ame solo.

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