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🦋My purpose: Teach 1 million marginalised women & girls how to code by 2030♥️ 🇬🇧

Founder of iamtheCODE
🔥First African led global platform aiming to teach one million women & girls how to code and gain digital skills by 2030 through #STEM + Arts and Design 🌎💎in alignment with UN 🇺🇳 agenda.

🌱Founder of iamtheFOOD, part of @i_amthecode Foundation.

✨I’m a Pioneer in System Change.
Technology Diplomat helping companies find their purpose🦋

🌐⭕️UN Sustainable Development Goals Vanguard, Champion
🎖World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.
TED Member, TED x speaker 🔊
ITU Board Member

♥️💕Chief Inclusion Officer
Emotionally Intelligent 🧠 👩🏽
🥇Award-winning Technologist
👀Emotional Capitalist
♥️ Taxonomy And Coding
🧡Working on Small wins

🎙Podcaster- Listen 🎧 on Spotify iamtheCODE Podcast.

📕Educator. I ♥️the power of words. I’m an Orator, a Keynote Speaker 🗣 Practice 80% listening 20% Talking

Purpose Driven 🙏🏾
Brain 🧠 Hacker - Mentor- Confidant
Phenomenal woman 🙏🏿✨💫
Mother of a beautiful son🧡
I’m creating an environment of Belonging, Empathy, compassion, vulnerability and kindness for the missing millions, including young girls.💛

Engaged 28K marginalised girls through STEAMD ( Science 🧬Technology Engineering, Mathematics, Arts and Design) in under five years. ⏳#iamtheCODE

I educate, transform and Inform♥️ daily ✅

🦋Get to know me:
I am writing ✍️ my book.
Creating my documentary 🎬
♻️Climate Change Advisor, working with policymakers in 69 countries.

UNICEF Sustainable Development Innovator Goalkeeper Winner🧡

Board of Director of the World Wide Web Foundation chaired by Tim Bernes- Lee Inventor of the WEB.
Believe that the Internet is a human right🌐and should be 🆓 for Everyone.

Visibility matters; I believe when people are seen and heard, lives can change 🙏🏿✨

+ 20 years experience in building and creating tech solutions. I love ❤️& breathe TECH💻

In my spare time, I code, build sustainable tech solutions to save businesses money & time.

My focus is on #AI, Cybersecurity- Digital skills for marginalised girls incl.♿️

Proud Senegalese 🇸🇳 British 🇬🇧 & French 🇫🇷
Food Lover- Avocado & Brown Toast 😋🥑


✅Hiring me as a tech consultant.
✅Speaking engagement
✅ Connecting on
✅Donating to my foundation
✅Joining my podcast
✅Mentoring our girls
✅Asking me about the UN 🇺🇳 Global Goals

Invited by: Thomas Power

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