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Updated: Mar 9, 2023
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CEO/Founder of KookAlooz Space Playgrounds Franchise

Flagship location in Westminster, CO

I am a former Space Scientist and Major (Retired) Air Force Commander that shed the boxes I built around myself. Now I have created:

🚀 STEM based Indoor Playground
💫KookAlooz Space Playgrounds Franchise
🏠Real Estate Business
💻Online Business Coaching Programs

I am digging this new universe where I create the rules and get to help others break the imaginary barriers they have built for themselves 🙌

Why am I on clubhouse? I want to talk about:
👉Startup costs to consider
👉Entity types and tax implications
👉What should you focus on first
👉What are the logistics to actually start, name and get funding for your business
👉Exploring the millions of ways to make a living!!!

Love to collaborate with others that are building empires and bringing wealth and freedom to those we serve👏

Let’s bring some experts together and explore the unfamiliar worlds and endless options open to you that can create the life and business of your dreams!

Learn more about franchising KookAlooz🚀

Join my Facebook group of corporate escapees just like you to work with me on building a business you love around the life you crave!

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