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Updated: Sep 24, 2022
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Dr. Barrett Matthews
Founder of E2E Systems
Founder of Podkast Nation
And Soon To Be Launched:
Podcast World Network
Profit and Passion 2021

I have a growing specialty in helping high achieving executives and entrepreneurs achieve a greater market through podcasting.

I believe that the world needs to hear your voice and it’s up to you to make them hear it.

My super power is Media Production teamed with a visionary mindset.

As a three time author, international speaker, host and facilitator, I will make an incredible guest on your podcast or speaker at your event.

I have a great affinity for my Pittsburgh Steelers and my Los Angeles Lakers.
I love the Bible. I can’t get enough sports. I enjoy singing and tv trivia. I’m always interested in traveling and good food.

Best way to reach me is: IG @podkast_nation
FB @BarrettLMatthews and join the FB group The Productive Podcaster and subscribe to the show.

Invited by: Jennifer Harris

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