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💙Codependent Recovery Coach|🔊Speaker|
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Hi 👋I’m Maria Wybrow, the Codependent Recovery Coach. I empower Codependents, People Pleasers & ACOAs to connect with their authentic selves and create more fulfilling relationships.
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I help you:

❤️Start your love affair with you
❤️Create a Self-Care Plan
❤️How to find your authentic self
❤️Stop Rescuing, or People Pleasing or Fixing in your relationships
❤️What are Boundaries & how to defend them
❤️Create an Empowered Vision for your future
❤️How to avoid toxic Relationships
❤️Attraction - How to recognise & attract and healthy relationship
❤️the Do’s and Don’ts of dating

➡️I created the CLUB 🥰ACOA CODEPENDENT RECOVERY🥰To raise awareness about Co-dependency and encourage folks to take action to address this issue. 💙DM me COACHING on INSTA @mariawybrow to find out more.

1️⃣Wanna see my rooms in your hallway? Turn on my notification 🔔 (the bell above in my profile) and join the ACOA CODEPENDENT RECOVERY CLUB

2️⃣Free Content on Codependency and Families and Addiction and my newsletter:⬇️


🧶ACOA Codependent Recovery FOR ME?

🎯Were you raised in a family or extended family that suffered with addictions or a dysfunctional family?
🎯Do you seek other people’s approval in the form of Rescuing, care catering, and fixing?
🎯Do you feel resentful when you do not receive the accolade or approval that you feel that you deserve for all you do and give to others?
🎯Have you ever been in an abusive relationships and known that you needed to leave, but have not?
🎯Do you struggle to set boundaries in your relationships?
🎯Are you enmeshed with others? Get involved too quickly or you give away too much too soon?
🎯Do you struggle with anxiety or depression?
🎯Do you compromise who you are to be in a relationship with partners or family members?

🤓About Me:
🇬🇧Irish, British and American
💒Married to a British Man
👟Go to the Gym
🧗‍♀️Want to take up rock climbing
✈️Love to travel
📚Love books – The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck changed my life!
🎵Love listening to Music
🖋Written my Memoirs

🧑‍💻👩‍💻Work with me 1:1.

➡️Book a call ➡️

➡️DM me on Instagram👇

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