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🌟Food Business Expert, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling Author

Passionate about -
1) Food Business Niche
2) Ed-Tech Niche
3) Content and Influencer Marketing Niche

🍱Founder & CEO - Knight Gourmet - Award Winning Event Hospitality Company in India
Delhi | Mumbai | Chennai

💥2X TEDx Speaker

💵 Teacher & Mentor - Run Largest Cloud Kitchen Course - Over 7500+ Students across the World

🌍Strategic Investor in Cloud Kitchens & B2B Food Tech Startups (B2B Saas, Kitchen Automation, Rental Services)

📚Author of No. 1 Best Selling Book - Catering Your Way to Financial Independence

🔊 Catering Success Podcast - Asia's Largest Food Business Podcast

🇮🇳Food Business Observer and Commentator extensively covered on Economic Times, Businessworld, Entrepreneur India (Restaurantindia), Mid-Day etc.


📲Let's connect on Linkedin or Instagram.

Invited by: Aryen Negi

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