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Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Despite the wedding industry in India & USA clocking over INR 2,000 Crores annually, it is still categorised as an unorganized sector in most parts of the world. Global Wedding Network LLP (GWN) was founded with the sole intention of correcting this trend. In addition, it would initiate B2B global interaction through use of digital technology in this specific domain. GWN has effectively formulated a business model which works towards the boosting of the industry by enriching each of the suppliers and vendors across the globe. We are a search engine platform that helps to establish quick intercity collaborations and in the process create multiple jobs and generate revenue. We want to be the go-to platform that all wedding business owners choose to share their moments of business life, triumphs & learnings.

To encourage colla-petition among wedding planners, one city at a time.

To create a community of wedding business owners that encourage partnerships & collaborations across the globe. To nurture growth and celebrate business moments, of both triumphs and learnings.

GWN started off as Wedding Network - Karnataka (WN - KA) through WhatsApp with the idea of strengthening the cross district ties among the Wedding Fraternity of Karnataka. Over the last many months this network has grown across state boundaries which gradually lead to the decision of rechristening the network to Wedding Network South India.
What started with an intention of promoting the spirit of collaborations, is now a strong network of over 700 members from across India, UAE, Mexico and is growing as we speak. We are now Global Wedding Network LLP (GWN) and are looking to spread our wings worldwide.

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GWN Rule 1

Members will be privileged to do more activities and they should abide by the guidelines of GWN. Please be specific in your communications and kindly always keep positive vibes in the room.

GWN Rule 2

Visitors or Guests can participate but you will only be allowed to network unless and until the speakers or members recommend you.

GWN Rule 3

GWN is a community platform and will be looking forward to new joiners, visitors, members and invites but do ensure you are not here for promoting other networking organizations of which you are part.

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