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💕Ever since I was a little girl, I have believed that every single person deserves to be and feel loved.

Being loved is amazing, but feeling loved is a gift. 💝 💕

💡 I have made it my life’s work to help people on their journey to find and keep love. The secret? It starts within. 💋

💫 What I do:

❤️International Matchmaker
💕Intuitive Dating and Love Coach
💻 Online Dating Expert
🌱 IIN Certified Nutrition Health Coach
📖 Author
🎙 Speaker

💫 How I Live:

❤️ Ally
🥬 Plant Based Living
👩‍🍳 Self Taught Chef
📸 Amateur Photographer
🦒 Animal Advocate
🌎 Global Mindset
🧳 Ready to travel

💫 Who I am:

👗 She/Her
🎓 Purdue Alumni
✍️ Poet
💗 Intuitive Empath
💘Hopeless Romantic
♊️ Gemini Sun ♓️ Pisces Moon ♎️ Libra Rising
✨HD: 5/1 Manifesting Generator/Time Bender
❤️ Love Languages: Words of Affirmation/Physical Touch
📚 Avid Reader (100+books/year)
🌃 Chicago Girl

I am all about self love, empowerment, inclusion, wellness, spirituality, kindness, and trying to make a difference. I try my best to show up each day, flaws and all, to see how I can be of service. We all have a past, present, and future. Our experiences shape our platforms. Trust your calling. ❤️

💫 How to find me:
📸 Instagram: @mypinkandgreenlife
💻 Follow my blog at:
📱 Cell: If you know, you know. If you don’t, just ask. 💕

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