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📚Author of: “Follows and Likes: Is This All That I’m Worth” - A book for teens and YA (Stories in the book include Naveen Jain, Ungenita Prevost, Paul Kazanofski, Jen Welter, Ram Castillo, Barbara Majeski, Jonte Hall, Maria Trusa, Herb Lang, Altagracia Pierre-Outerbridge, Greg Walker, Lee Duncan, Ria Story, Roberto Mendoza, Mike Poglese, Ana Olivero, Scott Lumley, Bruce Pulver… Foreword by Glenn Marsden and Ungenita Prevost)

🎓Educational Leader (over 20yrs)
🕊 Teen Mentor - #TeenUp! (Teen Mentoring Program for Success)
🎤Educational Speaker & Mentor

⛪️ Faith takes the worry out of life.

🌎 Founder Maggio Multicultural Virtual Academy
Sponsoring students in Uganda and the Dominican Republic in the coming school year.
Mission: Creating equal education and employment opportunities to youth around the world.

⛲️Founder Maggio Multicultural Foundation

🎙Podcast The Secret to Success... Isn’t So Secret!
(Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Alexa…)

🇩🇴Talk Show Host "What's Up Punta Cana!” - Punta Cana Hits
🇩🇴 Founder Maggio Multicultural Academy (Dominican Republic 2016)

📚 Vision: To impact one billion young people in the next 10 years by creating equal, educational opportunities and make them the great leaders, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers of the future.

🎧Listen, Learn and Take Action

📚Featured in the book “The Best Advice for Speakers” with Douglas Vermeeren, Sharon Lector, Bob Proctor, and many more!

🙋‍♀️ If you are looking for a great virtual learning program that is learner-focused, collaborative, highly personalized, applicable, and relevant, please feel free to DM me to schedule a call.

I ❤️ helping others and providing meaningful, high quality educational and mentoring experiences.

🎓Graduate of the University of Virginia - 2003 Graduate Teaching Award
🎓 Masters in Educational Leadership
👩‍🏫 Instructor at UVA, Syracuse University & the Ohio State University


Social Media and Podcast Links ⬇️
(please go to my link tree in my IG bio for links to the school, foundation and more!)

Invited by: Patricia Andraos

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