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Updated: Jun 28, 2022


Official Club for Boss Babes πŸ’•

Founder: @Jdarling
IG: @JoylolaJ
Building an army of Women who can approach Business and Modern day Commerce with confidence, this platform was created to be an outlet for Women looking to learn, grow and network to create successful businesses and more opportunities for women in E-Commerce.
We Support ALL Boss Babes.
We need more women at the top!

β€’ Teaching women ALL things marketing and E-commerce

β€’ Share tips and ideas

Discover Topics such as:

βœ… Marketing Methods
βœ… Paid ads
βœ… Shopify & other website hosts
βœ… Email Marketing
βœ… Influencer Marketing
βœ… And so much more

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This is a safe space for women, this a space to discuss business, gain marketing tips, or just discuss about life. We would love to encourage you all to host rooms - connect with likeminded women

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