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Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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✳️ Founder CH club ‘Gift of Presence’ and ‘The Tribe of Many Colours Standing as One’

Life path: 33/6

I AM THAT ‘🎶 I AM 💛 Unattached to Identity yet the following are known by this « She » that some would define as:

💫 A SingerSongWriter 🎶 and some say a Poet ✍🏼 AM I?

🎶 A Music Producer who could never let go of her 💯 integrity.

🎙A former Radio Producer, Speaker, Host, Interviewer who had her own shows on 3 National radios incl. BBC in London, RTS in Geneva and a number of FM Stations… who chose another path and became:

🙏🏽 A Quantum Healer who saved her own life from a degenerative, terminal and incurable disease with some help from 😇 friends, yet no medical modality .. there was none! Creator of the Quantum ReUnification healing modality.

🕉 A Sound Healer and Meditation Guide with a few decades hours of flight, also certified as a Quantum Entrainment Guide (Kinslow System.)

🙌🏽 A Spiritual BEing, Mother, Transformational Coach, whose work has changed many lives. A Conduit and a ´Hollow Bone’ who had a NDE at 14 years of age and was born vegetarian.

🌳 A Tree and Nature Lover that can turn into a hermit from time to time when tired of the human noise.. 🤫

🎙A Vocal Coach who will take you to the depth of your own voice and sentiment.

🤟🏽 A CELTA qualified Language trainer who was Awarded Trainer of the Year in Dec. 2021 and has experience with all levels, all ages in both English and French, groups, classes and since March 2020 1:1 online classes.

🤙🏽 I know, that’s a lot 😜 We can have more than one life in a life time. We are multidimensional beings, I needed to learn to remember a few things 😂🤣😂 Old Soul.

« You are the sky, the rest is only the weather »
-Pema Chödrön

I AM here on planet Earth to manifest Integrity, to serve Love 💗 and to support the elevation of hUmaNITY. Do not give credit to that which is not rEaL, spiritually anchored. Do not believe in races nor in the dream of separation. If you do not walk your talk, please walk away. Thank you with Love 💜

You will find Keya Kyea’s music online on all platforms and the link to my work in the Quantum in my IG bio.
« Service is Bliss » - Keya 🐢

♥️ We are One Consciousness experiencing itself through the multiplicity of diversity ♥️

Invited by: Rhys Thomas

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