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❓Did you know 80% of people who are currently working out aren’t receiving the benefits of exercising?

❓Did you also know that being apart of a community, and surrounded by like-minded people raises your level of accomplishing your goal by 78%❓❓❓

This is one of the main reasons why all of our classes are LIVE IN REAL TIME.

We here at Resurrect Fitness want you to know that care more about you than your weight.

I want to to see and feel the energy of the like-minded people you’re surrounded by. I want you to know your fitness family members name and what they look like and how they sound. By putting yourself in this type of environment you’ve raised your level of being successful and reaching your goal by 78%.

This is the reasons why my clients are so successful is because of our live online in real time tribe/community. Having a fitness family that will meet you where you are with no judgment is part of the formula for my clients success.

Just having that safe place to speak, ask questions, to grow or even to fall is one of the most important thing in life.

This is the type of atmosphere that will help you achieve that work-health-life-balance we all long for.

📺 Host of the cable TV show “Get Fit”
📚CEO/Founder of Resurrect Fitness
👑 Certified Elite Fitness Advisor

📍DMV area

Bringing Your Body Back To Life

🗄 work 💪🏾 health ⚕️life ⚖️ balance

🖥 virtual fitness campus

🥗 No meat, no dairy
🏀 Paid for my education
🎾 I love this game
🚴🏾 Every chance I get
🧑🏽‍🍳 Love creating
🎤 Motivational speaker

🏠 My purpose and goal is to connect with people who’s work/health-life balance is off. Then give you all the necessary tools you need to accomplish your goals.

Invited by: Teleshia Delmar

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