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Currently covering the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa and launching Freedom NFT 2022. @freedomfilm2022 @unitedfreedomconvoy

You can support my journalism work/reporting by donating here.

Currently supporting the feature film We, the Women (Nosotras) on Indiegogo through the Last Hard Push film community initiative.

🎞 Producer/Founder Unstoppable Urges Productions - 5 star rating from clients⭐️

Documentary Filmmaker and journalist who has worked with and for CBC, Bell Media, CNN, Al Jazeera, AJ+...

Awarded funds from Telefilm, Ontario Creates, Newfoundland Film Development Corporation, CIFVF, NFB FAP.

Currently producing first narrative feature film CHOKE CHERRY HEIGHTS with award-winning Top-Tier Canadian talent, writer/actor Joel Thomas Hynes and director Sherry White. Selected for Jets 2020 in Berlinale.

Interested in discussing and learning about peaceful and non violent solutions for personal, interpersonal and societal/systemic issues in my club Peacemaker

Interested in discussing all things health, well being, spirituality in my club Adventures in Healing.

Listening and curious to all of use and participation in rooms does not indicate my agreement with founders, speakers or the intentions of the club.

Know your rights.

🎙Passionate about amplifying the voice of the voiceless.

✈️ Relentless seeker of best experiences and hidden gems in any city or town. 🚀

👩‍👧‍👦 Mom first, always. Survivor. Thriver.

💐 Gratitude’s my jam. 🍓

📢✨ Impact Producer for Peacemaker Projects, launching soon, making awesome projects land and echo. 🔊✨

♣️🏡 Clubs I’ve founded:

✨ Divine Feminine Rising. ✨
✨ Adventures in Healing. ✨
✨ Peacemaker Movement. ✨
✨ Women Making Herstory. ✨

Often found in rooms and moderating rooms where I may not agree with the opinions shared or the topics. I am curious, open minded, interested in the opinions of others, and in understanding different points of views. I am here to learn, question and connect.

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