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In the ENERGY & CERTAINTY game. Helping people go from ordinary to EXTRAordinary.

Fun fact: Ran the first ever ultra-marathon (32 miles/50km) LIVE on ClubHouse, coaching and speaking whilst running for 6.5 hours.

Love immersing myself in high performance... as a teacher and a student.

πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ South African living in the U.K. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ and around the world 🌎

βœ… Transformational Speaker
βœ… High Performance Coach
βœ… Personal Growth Author
βœ… Mental Health Advocate
βœ… Plant-based Athlete 🌱
βœ… Ultra Endurance Runner
βœ… Ironman Distance Triathlete

πŸ† Near-death experience survivor
πŸ† Spoken in 20 countries πŸ—£
πŸ† Former Pro Thai-Fighter πŸ₯Š
πŸ† Best-selling author πŸ“š
πŸ† Ran 3 marathons in 24hrs

πŸ…Helping people who KNOW they can play a better game... to play it.

As a result of my coaching, the clients I work with are stronger mentally, fitter physically and happier spiritually.

I’m always looking for people who are committed to becoming more than they were yesterday. Who do you know?

Taken from my Bio ➑️ I am a high impact speaker and mindset coach, working in the energy management game. My expertise lies in optimising your certainty, energy and obsession in your life. My passion is creating powerful leaders. And my coaching is bespoke and based on what works at the highest end of the market, having worked with the best of the best.

What others have to say... πŸ—£ ✍️

🌟 β€œJP is one of the leading coaches in the world, he has the ability to not only show us linear strategic moves, but also ways to make life better, stronger, and more exciting.”
- Lisa Nichols

🌟 β€œJP is a brilliant man.”
- Jay Abraham β€˜The 9.4 Billion Dollar Man’

🌟 β€œHe’s my personal Tony Robbins.”
- Mary Buffett

🌟 β€œThe Journey that JP has been on is something we can all learn from and will help a lot of people.”
- Jay Shetty

🌟 β€œJP regularly takes CEOs, athletes and celebrities out of their comfort zones and into better, more meaningful lives.”
- Daniel Priestley

#IronMonk #BestLife #Coaching #Athlete #HighPerformance #Vegan #PlantBased #Stronger #Fitter #Happier #MindBodySpirit #LifeFitness #SelfMastery #LifeMastery

Invited by: Nick James

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