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Updated: Jun 27, 2022
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The Newborn Guy
- Professional Newborn photographer in Kentucky
-Director of Education and Events for Baby Dream Backdrops
-Music and Art teacher
-Nutrition and Fitness Enthusiast
-Snipples member

From St. Louis living in Kentucky

I’m a professional newborn photographer and health enthusiast in Kentucky. Through a series of successes and failures, I've had to learn the importance of balance in my life. Sometimes you just have to say no to others and yes to you. My work is mostly centered around newborn portraits, and I love created themed images for my clients. Over the years, I became known as "The Newborn Guy" in my area. Whether it be my students, photographers, or clients my hope is that I can inspire others through my work and presentations.
Josh, The Newborn Guy
Instagram: @joshastorpd

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