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🌟 I don’t listen, I hear; I don’t look, I see; and when I choose to speak, my energy infects everyone!

🙌🏽 Many refer to me as The Miracle Man, however most know me as #TheCancerKiller


🍿 Scoll down and join “Real Deal or No Deal club.....Stay Tuned!

💯 I have one of the great if not greatest testimonies in all of mankind how I battled Acute Myeloid Leukemia, denied a transplant, killed it with the power of mindset and faith only to die 3 months later from pneumonia, blood clots, kidney failure, heart failure, liver failure, 8 deadly blood line infections, blood clots, lungs filled with fluid and blood, full septic shock and into an induced coma for 24 days where I was starved of food fluids for 2 weeks and water fluids for 1 week, went to heaven for a while and rose once more in an entirely new year determined to share my life stories and help others share theirs too.

📚 I’ve written a book about my journey that will forever EMPACT the world and currently working on the script for the MOVIE 🎥🍿

🧩 Are you a director, producer, writer, etc. let’s connect, bring this story to life and EMPACT the world!

🚀 I EMPACT lives for a living!

💎 I currently coach people 1 on 1 and in group settings through my EMPACT platform Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically to take action in all areas of their lives while shifting their perspective to utilize the tools they already have from the character moments they’ve learned from their life experiences.

Feel free to visit to view some of the testimonials on personal development, relationships, accountability, transparency and more.

Book your consultation with me and inquire about having me speak at your event today at👇🏽


💎There’s nothing I love more in life than making a positive EMPACT in peoples lives.

“The Pilot Is Lit, Now Let Me Be The Spark In Your Life That Ignites Your Flame”
- Jordan Supino

💪🏾 @concentrixfit
🥘 @creativecuisinesbyv
📖 Author - 2021 release
🎙 Speaker
📊 Investor
📍 LA, California

📊 STOCK MARKET: I do a little bit of everything in the stock market and make a lot of everything while helping others along my journey.🤑

💰 DM ME: to receive FREE STOCK & CASH on me today! 💵 💵💵💵💵

(Nutritional Supplements & Apparel)
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