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Former actor 🎭 who played Brian Fuller on Gilmore Girls ☕️. Current writer🖋 of fictional worlds 🐉 working at the intersect of story 📖 & tech📱. 🏳️‍🌈

Based in Los Angeles. I’ve written screen works for major studios over the past decade, mostly science fiction.

I’m a multi-purpose geek, into emerging technologies about as much as I’m into wizards and dragons. Pop culture junkie. Blockchain enthusiast with a particular love for crypto-doo-dads (ie. NFTs)

I believe story is humanity’s most powerful tool and that mythologies provide a view into the heart of a culture. I also believe big world fiction (like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc) are our modern myths and a killer app of the 21st century.

Also a self taught developer and perpetual learner.

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