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“ It's hard to be a prophet (or profit) in your own village”

Film Development Producer / Attorney. (‘Of Counsel). Based in Los Angeles.

* California State Bar number 124064
Pepperdine U. and U C Davis Chancellor Academic Fellow, and School of Law Alum.

(***Invited to the White House after being VETTED by the Secret Service.)

Legal + Funding = Film Takeoffs!

There are good people on these CH stages, however, if sharing your story idea frightens or concerns you, (and it should), write that story down and talk to an entertainment attorney, first.

I assist creatives and run your LLC after creating your film production or entertainment corporation, and provide legal support related to it. 🖤

In addition, I provide legal opinions regarding your personal challenge or film project and how to move forward.

Born in Honolulu, raised in Europe and home is Los Angeles.
Veteran. Fitness enthusiast.
Former Adjunct Faculty at Cal State Univ LA and Santa Monica College.
Experienced Serious Felony Jury Trial Attorney in State / Federal Calif. Courts.


DISCLAIMER:: my comments here on Clubhouse are opinions only, and not legal advice or made for the purpose of creating an attorney-client relationship, or the practice of Law.

* Successfully address copyright, due diligence, LLC formation and related licensing, releases and infringement issues, distribution, partnership and investor agreements that drive projects from development to pre-production and production.

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