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Updated: Apr 29, 2024
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My Life's Purpose: To prepare people to perform 🦉🕊🦅

Short Bio: Keynote Speaker ⭐ Leadership/Career Empowerment Expert ⭐ Thought Leader ⭐ Ordained Minister ⭐ Author

More detailed bio:

⭐  I have trained thousands of marketplace leaders to be more effective leaders and communicators and I have coached hundreds of professionals and students to be able to create the careers they love and the careers that loves them - the ultimate fulfillment in the world of work.

⭐  I am an innovative businessowner with more than 23 years of experience providing proven RESULTS for high performing organizations, forward-thinking professionals and ambitious students through action-provoking Keynotes, trainings, coaching and specialized events.

⭐  I continue to receive raves reviews nationally by students, organizational leaders and executives for providing unparalleled information, guidance, "humor" and insight that has helped to propel them to success both professionally and personally.

⭐ Earned credentials include: BA in Christian Ministry, Ordained Minister, Certified in Career Management, Organizational Management, Public Speaking, and Project Management.

⭐ I have spoken to audiences such as Comcast, Toastmasters International(International Convention), Temple University, Urban League(Bergen County),  National BDPA Annual Convention, Philadelphia Gas Works, and so many more.

🏩 My Intent on Club House Is

To add value to the Clubhouse community with my skills set, knowledge and expertise.


To learn from other thought leaders and experts.

❤ Topics I love to talk about include:

-The Meaning of Life
-Meaningful Work
-Employee Engagement
-Career Management
-Personal Growth
-Marketing Strategy
-Christian Spiritual Growth
-Social Media Marketing
-Content Development
-Multiple Streams of Income
-Millionaire Mindset
-Professional Speaking
-Wealth Building
-Coaching Skills

🤝🏼To Schedule a consultation with me: www.janicecoleman.com

🗣To Reach me:
👉🏽Text Me: 609-594-2244
👇🏽DM on IG👇🏽

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