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Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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Migrated by J. Edward Betancourt to the "Entre: Professional Network" App. Look me up and communicate like we used to.

🎯💡ADVERTISING Agency Chief Creative Officer/Senior Graphic Designer (31yrs): marketing, branding, strategic media communications/production, *marketing materials, print/digital/new media/signage, etc. Portfolio: AdvertisingUS.net
Facebook: Edward Betancourt Advertising
e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

*Pitch decks, posters, brochures, websites, stationary, wall graphics/murals, vehicle wraps, electric and non electric signage, T-shirts, etc.

🎬 FILMMAKER: CCO, Marketing Director, Developer/Screenwriter (18yrs developing film projects. Will be uploading more to my Stage 32 soon), Producer, Director, DP, Visual Engineer, Marketing Director, Actor, Stunt Coordinator & Fight Choreographer. English & Espan'ol/Mexican-American.

Mixed sports VIP personal trainer: Body shaping, conditioning, self defense/Mixed Martial Arts, stunts, acrobatics, gymnastics, soccer, and elasticity. *Remote and on site. One on one, couples and family training. Stay or get in shape during your business trips. Focused on client's goals, I create fun training sessions to shape, straighten and challenge them.

Martial artist since the age of four.

Former elite gymnast: Floor, rings, vault, high bar and All Around State Champion.

Soccer player for 12 years.

🎯 J. Edward Betancourt <<<<<<<<
📢 LinkedIn / Stage 32 / INSTAGRAM

- LinkedIn is my Creative Studio's front.

- Stage 32 is my creative gallery. (More coming soon. Designing marketing)

- Instagram is the behind the scenes of my journey.

📬 [email protected]

I'm selling a few of my cameras and this is one probably can fulfill any film project, specially a low budget one. You probably know a few people looking for one for their projects. Hope that this can help someone.


I no longer speak in rooms, houses, canopies, camping tents, or whatever they are called at the time you read this. The Titanic Clubhouse and its PERPETUAL terms and conditions are a RED FLAG factory.

"It's not the Industry, but the greedy, toxic and selfish people in it what causes everything to be doomed."

"Ai took over and made people obsolete, then it wiped the remaining left."

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