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💔Your Break-up Bestie
⚡️Womxns Success Coach
🎙 Host of That High Vibe Bitch podcast

I take Womxn on a Post-Breakup GLOW UP✨
Unleash ur Badass Power👑so u can Flex on ur Ex & Manifest ur Dream Partner💕💫

🧠I use Hypnosis and NLP to remove limiting beliefs on a subconscious level to break patterns & reprogram with new beliefs so you can transform your life and stop attracting toxic relationships.

💫Quantum Physics

🌏The Big Picture
My purpose on this planet is to show others that their inner state is the only thing that matters, and through transforming that, they are able to move the planet Earth toward a new plane of existence.

Member of the SPICE 🌶 Network:

📱 DM “Clubhouse” for a FREE Glow Up Coaching Session

📖The Back Story, I was at Rock Bottom….
✖️Trauma Survivor so always in “Fight or Flight mode”
✖️Severe Stress & Anxiety
✖️Cocaine Addiction
✖️In a Abusive Relationship
Fast Forward ⏩ 2021
💎In Love with Life
💎Successful Entrepreneur
💎Fulfilling my Life’s Purpose
💎Coaching ppl All over the World
How ❓
Created a new Identity by Reprogramming my own Mind on a Subconscious Level
⭐️How to work with me?

⚡️1:1 Coaching (dm to apply)
⚡️Glow Masterclass (dm to get on the waitlist)

🎙If you have a success story or you have a business that helps people develop, I would love to share it on my Podcast. DM Me

Want to Collaborate? I’d Love to:
✨Host a Clubhouse Room
✨Be a Guest on your Podcast
✨Facilitate a Session on your Coaching Program
✨Speak at your event

🎓Certified in:
⭐️Life Coach
⭐️TIME Techniques

Past Life
🎓Double Degree in Politics & International Relations and Business

📚Training & Development for Australian Government departments

⭐️Project Management on large scale projects for Australian Government departments

🏠 I live on
IG | TikTok | Facebook


Cap Sun♑️ |Cap Rising♑️ |Scorpio Moon♏️
💫HD: Manifestor

Dog Mum
🐶Harvey 🐶Fussy

If u know, u know 👽🍄🚀


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