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Updated: May 21, 2022
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Psychotherapist, Creator and Host of the iTunes acclaimed New and Noteworthy Podcast Healing Feeling Sh*t Show, Emotional Potty Trainer, Retired Yoga Teacher, Music & Dance Junkie. TikTok: TheFeelingsMovement
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⭐️Take free quiz to identify the emotional tone of your core wound and receive free kit on how to work with that feeling at:


✨Podcast on ITunes: bit.ly/hfsshow

💥 if you don’t have time to go through the many hour transformational healing journey of season one, catch the shorter fun YouTube version!

✨YouTube: Healing Feeling Shit Show


Do you have a well being, success, up level your life like podcast baby? I’d love to bring value to your audience. I’ve been interviewed on over 45 podcasts as an emotional intelligence guest expert! Let’s collaborate!

💥 “Emotional resilience is the new happy.”
💥 “Feel that shit or full of shit”

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[email protected]
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🙏I’m looking for my perfect book agent to help me published my finished 80K word manuscript
THE ART OF EMOTIONAL DIGESTION: Emotional Potty Training for Grown-Ups. Please help! Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

🔥🔥Let’s talk about:
Healing✨ Feelings✨ Mental Health✨ Psychology✨ Resilience
✨Equity & Inclusion✨ Sex✨ Wellness ✨ Music✨ Relationship✨Dating✨ Healthy culture✨ Radiohead✨ Publishing✨ BLM✨ Getting Real✨ EMDR ✨ Gestalt✨ Attachment therapy✨

📍Oakland, CA

Invited by: Daniel Farkas

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