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#Contract-of-fiction.gallery. Realization 2.0 of Contract of Fiction Legacy from Jean-Michel Basquiat and Helmut C.Diez From June 25 1988 Hana/Maui backed by Susomo Yamamoto and Yayoi Kusama

Please see: contract-of-fiction.club

#association of artists in all sectors of arts
#virtual Museum and Gallery with highest visual standards with connected data base
#Curatorschip by the artists
#Crossover project in Arts
#multiple Services including NFT
#supporting networks with AI, AR ... devices and multiple services
#collaborating in development of new CO2 neutral crypto based platforms and currencies
#art prize

Wikipedia categorizes me as "German entrepreneur, consultant, coach, designer and artist“. Awards in business solutions, design and arts.

#give space to what is connecting and give time to what is deviding

#This includes to continue my most valuable projects from the past:

#my Golden Horn Project in Istanbul with 81 items on the Haliçs’ south shore on 4.5 km lengths and 360.000 spm. Tender with all masterplan essentials prepared and financial feasability approved (5,5bil USD). Traffic and car movement underneath. 6 museums, botanical garden, music hall, cinemas etc., leisure zones and many small scale businesses being driven by the locals behind the ancient Konstantinopel Walls as well as the economization and initialization of social impact. Worldwide unique, as only one operating group under participation of the population will drive the whole area - with the effect, that high yield businesses like a large mall will finance the cultural facilities. Traffic only e-mobile, entry fees sharing with other museums...

#dolphin-space.de - center with all needed facilities - please read the download. Kids in special live circumstances (all handicaps and vegetative state and also sports efficiency training for European, Worldcup and Olympic level in extreme sports)

#A serie of 10 filmic episodes, 45 min each containing my Circle in a Round exhibition with nine stories and nine cultural backgrounds - entitled „L’Exécution de la Feminine“.
As well as Dante Alighieris’ Divina Commedia into a filmic concept. Search for HCD Salgéhattaque...

*Think Tank founded 40 years ago. Interdisciplinary Projectmanagement with 550 projects with innovation in advanced IT, sustainable technologies, culture, decentralized businesses, social impact. 50 startups and a few IPOs... Contact: mail [email protected].

Invited by: Lars-Wilhelm Baumgarten

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