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Husband | Dad | Believer | Connector | Spotter | Visionary | GovCon Go-To-Guy

Join the GovCon Club Community to Find and Win Your First Federal Contract and the Next One, Too!

FIND US ONLINE at: https://GovCon.club

>>> EMAIL: [email protected]

>>> LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/guytimberlake/

>>> PHONE: (410) 381-7378 x200

Since 2004, we have helped thousands of novice and experienced companies of every size and discipline, to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to FIND and WIN federal contracts and subcontracts.


For over thirty years, Go-To-Guy Timberlake™ has been a student and teacher of Government Contracting. His roots stem from his formative years supporting defense intelligence programs during the first Gulf War. He is recognized as a resource for federal sector business development and competitive intelligence disciplines and shares that knowledge under the umbrella of Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™.

With his wife, Margaret, Guy leads GovCon Club™, a reimagining of their first successful member community for Government and Industry. His nickname, Go-To-Guy, was given to him by Navy and Air Force customers in the 90’s because they could and did rely on him to get the job done.


✅ Federal Contracting First Steps
✅ Understanding the lingo
✅ Tactics and tools for developing market/competitive/opportunity intelligence
✅ Developing and managing a pipeline
✅ How agencies buy what you sell
✅ Procurement classification codes
✅ Finding and winning contracts
✅ The difference between a Buyer and Customer (and why it matters)
✅ Why NAICS Codes are Not an Actual Indication of Contracted Services (or Supplies)
✅ Why the GSA and VA Schedules may not be the answer
✅ Low-Hanging Fruit in Federal Contracting
✅ Contracts versus Contract Vehicles

Invited by: Michele Bull

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