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Bio ✊🏾
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Other Businesses…

Harding Media is a Culturally Relevant Media and Consulting firm that serves to bridge the gap between underserved minority communities and business, educators, innovative new scientists, investors, political organizations, and non-profits.

A mother, GED, AAS, BS (Honors) MA(Honors), MS (Honors), EdD(ABD), a fighter and a serial entrepreneur🦄
Member of : @DWEN, @IFUNDWOMEN, @SCORE, @DellWomen @appleteacher @NAWBO @FriendsInFilm @NWIB @Thefirstcoalition @IVYUniversity @INC
Fanbase: @francesharding

Autism & Music
Every Tuesday 8:00pmEST

The Angry Black Woman
Every Friday 6:00pm - 8:00pmEST

Emotional Intelligence Gap Talk
Every Sat 3:00pmEST
@Clubhouse w/ host @jflayyy @moses_vibes @theprospect012

A NYC Science School Teacher, College Professor, Researcher, Author and Activist CEO & Founder/Harding Media/BRAiNS Academy / GuMiApp / Harding Media Productions / President Harding’s Heart Foundation.

I’m your 👻 writer’s 👻 writer 🙆🏾‍♀️
Yeah, I do A LOT!
501 (c)3 509 (a)
Donations: CashApp: $HMHeartFund

Brand in Development:
A brand to bring awareness to the culture and education of the spectrum of autism.

Films in development : Estrella, Maria Milagros, El Jukeo, Die With Out You, The Rodnees 2 (Reverse Cultural Appropriation), Six Degrees of Separation

Books in development:
“Why I Always Gotta Be The Angry Black Woman”
“The Culture of the Black Dominican”
“Six Degrees of Separation”
“Los Dichosos”
“Emotional Intelligence Gap”
“Mom, Don’t Kill Yourself”

Tech in Development:
1) BTUM Biohazard Titration Up-Cycling Machine
2) 4D holographic phone case
3) 3D curriculum packages
4) GuMi App - A network app to connect and deliver the Best of Dominican Republic to you from the palm of your hand.
5) Family First Corporation : Up-cycling Plant in the Dominican Republic (Looking for partners to develop this)
6) C.indyBot : A emotional-intelligent curriculum robot that is adaptable to its culture. (religion, language, nationality, beliefs, etc.)

Oh, yeah! I ran for Mayor of NYC in 2009 🙆🏾‍♀️

And those who know me from past life: Odyssey

Contact Email: [email protected]

Invited by: Alicia Kemp

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