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Updated: Mar 23, 2024
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Dem tink mi did done?? Mi just ah come!! 😂😅⚔️Shalom! (NEWSFLASH) WE ARE ALL IN THE MATRIX AS LONG AS WE ARE IN THE FLESH!!!! Come let us sharpen each others Swords!🗡️ ... I'm about my fathers business!!🗣️ Needless say no more!!
Defender of an EVER LASTING and EVER ADVANCING biblical TEACHING, BUT i am always a student before i am a TEACHER! (Staying humble and grounded)The PRIDE in people on this APP is Real, and an example of what NOT to BE like!👈🏾 Alway looking for a better way to teach and FEED the fruits of the spirit to THE sheep! so-called chosen Black's that are hidden amongst all the countries in the world! And also Largely amongst the Latinos and NATIVE tribes! especially with in the American communities, and the REST of the SAINTS of MANY shades Complexions and APPEARENCES worldwide(4Corners of the world) primarily!! That have been continually oppressed till this day!!!! 🤔The MISSION is TO Improve their spiritual sight!😀 So only then can a LIGHT then SHINE on the rest of the world🗡️🪓⚒️⛏️👉🏽Luke 4:18-19🦋🥂🎈🎶

Tetragrammaton四字母词, 四字母詞,耶和华,耶和華,
[Yé hé huá =耶和華 耶和华]
👆🏽The study of a preserved Chinese language may improves ones learning of original Paleo Hebrew.

"NO CASHAPP NEEDED" the WORD is FREE! 👈🏾Don't give me money give me more knowledge! 💪🏾 Thats
Isaiah 33:6💣💥but pray for the spirit of discernment so you will know who to give ALMS too! Or else it could be to your own destruction! Thats the book of Sirach chapter12:4🦋

"Free advice on any problems in life based on my biblical knowledge 4 my people in need! Just message me👈🏾😇"1Peter4:10

Dutty Boukman Hardly Mentioned in the Revolution OF Haiti BUT never FORGOTTEN!
REMEMBER what happened to MARCUS GARVEY!! NEVER FORGET 31 May 1921- 1 June 1921 Tulsa RACE massacre... Black WALL Street!! PLUS Fidel Castro FOREVER!! Robert MUGABE also amongst GREAT men TO be REMEMBERED....... But the foundation of all great men is listed in the BOOK of SIRACH chapter 49 vs 10-16. READ!!!!!!!

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