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😊Female 53 years, married, 2 children 24 and 25, and 1 grandchild of 1 year.

🇳🇴Live in Norway, Åsgårdstrand at the beach.
😱Where Munch have a holliday house and painted🧑‍🎨a lot of his famous paiting.

I am an extrovert person, hard working, committed, creative, enthusiastic. Humanist.

☕️Coffee bar owner of Kafferiet Horten as established in 1999 (we owned it since 2003)

Been center manager for VektergĂĽrden shopping center, with 17 players inside.

👩‍💼And has held various leadership roles in the grocery and on boards.

Work in care proffesin, when the kids were little.

For 30 years I have worked in the service professions for the most as a leader.

My education is the College of Commerce.

In 2018, after predation with my body for 18 years, i met the wall and became mentally and physically ill.
I have been followed up by professional psychiatrists / psychologists for 3 years. I have come out of this situation as an even "stronger" human being.

In September 2020, I changed my lifestyle, to "brigth line eating (spis deg fri). This has turned my whole life upside down. I have recovered.

My passions in life are
leadership knowledge and
to bee open about mental health.

- I'm on a job hunt again. I can be contacted at [email protected]

My hobbies are gardenflowers, needlework, knitting, reading book, foodmaking, looking at sports events.

When we vacation we are often on home exchanges all over the world. And in Sweden in our cabin

ÂŤDo not burn out to keep others warmÂť
"adversity makes one even stronger"
"through drying mistakes one develops"

Invited by: Trine-Lise Jensen

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