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Predictable Millionaire ™️
CEO of Certified Entrepreneur Coach™️

The media often refers to me as the modern day Napoleon Hill for my first hand Interviews with more than 400 of the worlds top Entrepreneurs & Business leaders and interviews and research of 700+ millionaires.

Our programs are specifically designed to train coaches to help entrepreneurs succeed in today’s marketplace. We do this specifically through the support that we give our coaches and the level of faculty members we have training them. Many of our leaders are former founders, CEOs and high-level leader ship from companies like FedEx, Nike, Reebok, UGG boots, Ted Baker, Kajabi, Fruit of the loom, Expedia and others.

Predictable Millionaire™️ focusses on providing patterns


I am also an Award winning filmmaker. I am always looking for speakers for my next film.

I am producer and director of the four of the top personal development films. The opus, the gratitude experiment, the treasure map and have thoughts become things.

Here’s a little bit about each of my films:

The Opus (2008) this film teaches how to go from a vision of what you want in your life to turn it into a workable plan and ultimately performance. The film feature is Jack Canfield, Mark victor hansen, Joe vitale, John demartini, Marci shimoff, Bob Doyle, Morris “the miracle man” Goodman, Bill Bartmann and others.

The Gratitude Experiment (2013) In this film we talk about the power of gratitude and how to harness it in ways that most people aren’t aware of. This film features Bob proctor, John Gray, Marie Diamond, Mary Morrissey, John Demartini and others.

The Treasure Map (2015) this film teaches about the mindset of wealth and strategies you can use to create wealth in your life. This film features Randy Gage, Raymond Aaron, Marshall Sylver, Stefan Aarnio, Darren Jacklin, loral Langmeier, John demartini.

How thoughts become things (2020) this film explores the power of thought and how we can turn our thoughts into realities and improve our circumstances. This film features Bob proctor, Denis Waitley, John Assaraf, Joe vitale, John demartini, Marie Diamond, Travis Fox And others.

I respond to email [email protected] And Instagram DM Douglasvermeeren

Text PREDICTABLE MILLIONAIRE to 1-403-714-5191 for an invite to learn the 3 money laws I found after interviewing 700 millionaires

Passionate about BJJ and MMA.🤙

Invited by: Kristi Maggio

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