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I am a dreamer who believes in manifesting every dream I have. My wish is to make a sand grain of difference in my community and the world. I intend to see stretches and stretches of sand filled beaches and then enjoy the tranquility.I have risen from multiple failures and falls. I believe success comes to the one who never gives up. I love the ones who extend their hearts and arms to those who hurt so they will heal.
I am the founder and Consultant Clinical Psychologist of Maldives Institute for Psychological Services, Training and Research. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology (2010) from The University of Manchester, U.K . M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS, India (1999); Msc in Psychology, India. I have been the national consultant and lead researcher of several national level research pieces in the areas of substance abuse, mental health, rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, gangs in Maldives. I have written several books in Dhivehi to create awareness on mental health issues and have run talk shows on a local tv channel called Dr.Naazge Nazarun and Haas Dhuniye, I make regular appearances on tv and radio shows to speak on issues related to crime and mental health in the Maldives. I am the first trained clinical psychologist of Maldives and has been practicing in the Maldives for the past 21 years.

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