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Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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Clinical (Ph.D.) and educational (Ed.D.) psychologist. Consulting psychologist for a government agency.

Registered yoga teacher (yoga nidra/yin yoga), mindfulness-based stress reduction practitioner/facilitator, and clinical hypnotherapist.

• Provide well-being classes/practices to university staff/students, executives, and state employees.

• Free breath work and meditation practices available on my YouTube channel:


• Former science educator, dean, school administrator, and university lecturer (USC, CSULA).

• Consult with criminal defense attorneys (Silicon Valley), administering psychological, neuropsychological, etc… evaluations to their clients with the goal of identifying rehabilitation potential and recidivism reduction.

California attorneys: My California State Bar approved 1-hour/1-credit self-paced CE class, Mental Health Case Considerations for Attorneys, is available on my website (see below).

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: I am here to listen and share as a fellow human being and in no way should my presence, shares, or opinions be construed as therapy or advice regarding anyone’s mental health issues or concerns.

Creator and host of “Up You Go;” stories celebrating human potential and resilience💥

Contact me on my website:

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