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My name is Destini Taylor. I am a Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Writing Coach. I started a publishing company called The Words of My Soul, LLC, which is also the title of my first book.

I help people take their creativity and experiences and turn them into passive income streams.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, Authenticity, Creative Expression, Love, and High Vibrational Energy


My mission is to inspire the power of writing and advocate for creative expression. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether it is an idea (fiction), a real event (non-fiction), an outlet for emotions (poetry), or simply a desire to build wealth through aligning with your purpose. My goal is to help authors and aspiring authors create a life they truly desire through print and digital content.
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I look forward to providing you with a beautiful experience inside of The Words of My Soul Publishing Palace.

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Instagram: @dt_twoms
Instagram: @destiniunfiltered

YouTube: Destini Unfiltered
YouTube: The Words of My Soul

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