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Updated: Mar 3, 2023
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Artist, Curator and Founder of HARLEM & DENIM Designer Don G a modern day renaissance man whose lifestyles brand celebrates the culture by way of art, music, literature and sports.  Harlem & Denim is authentic in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products in the apparel, accessories, and home space.


Don G Pitts II

“Fashion, is so much more than just material or visuals. It is the formation of an identity where you are proud to emulate artistry.” As an innovator in aspiration, Don G decided to combine his insights by launching DGC a Design & Marketing division providing consultation to influencers, politicians and global companies looking to achieve a unified socially conscious vision - through branding.  The DGC teams are able to create logos, landing pages, power-points, reels, apparel, and promotional items that will speak to your message and consumers.

Between paintings, curating playlists for custom events Designer Don G does everything with integrity, authenticity and choosing to work with sustainable high quality materials that are in alignment with his family heritage.

HARLEM & DENIM named after his sons, and accessories line SISTER DOMINIC after his daughter!

Now that’s legacy!

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