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Updated: Mar 3, 2023
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πŸ’«Product Management Leader for a decade+, advisor, strategist, mentor @ fast track. Songwriter/composer. Tech ethicist. Ally. Contrarian. Often anti-trend.

πŸ™Here to help. Leading with curiosity.

✨Bringing humanity to products and metrics. I believe the tech/biz community needs to humanize what they/we do every step of the way. An excessive focus on short-sighted metrics is decimating the way we connect.


Ex a bunch of places. Now at Microsoft. I can help product people get more focused and prioritize.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» LinkedIn.com/in/davidmarcsiegel

Have been in b2b, b2c, b2b2c spaces across a lot of different business types.

Startup/product advisor, musician, dad, husband, musical theater lover... tech skeptic/enthusiast. Widely studied. Polymathy.

πŸ“ˆEx-a bunch of places:
- Nasdaq (fintech)
- Leapfrog (edtech)
- FlightGlobal (data tech for commercial aviation)
- Business Wire (PR distribution tech)
- Ridecell (mobility tech)
- and a bunch of consulting engagement of various durations, and for early stage and late companies

SF Bay Area


πŸ“šSocial scientist before product, and
🎢 songwriter/composer - did music for ads/bands/theater for a long time. Still writing and recording.

🎡Older stuff here: SoundCloud.com/davidmarcsiegel

🎹Working on a new musical.

Always excited to write new music. Advise. Help. Produce.


Staunch LGBTQ+ and BIPOC ally.


Kind of think Clubhouse isn’t a necessary beast, but I’m curious. Worried most of us are just here to build brands instead of to solve problems.

Invited by: Matt Gunnin

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