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Updated: May 26, 2022
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🇳🇱 Social girl, joy, spirituality, crystals and colors are my inspirations. Love for vintage clothing, especially the 70’s!

🪞My main focus is to connect people, create strong relationships and learn from each other. Self care and reflection are my principles.

🧩 living in the present. Nothing feels better than unraveling my personality. Re-designing my life.

🔥 Experience expert in the field of burnout and boulimia - this helps me understand what your troubles may be.

💎 Crystal Junky - love all crystals, gemstones and minerals, and especially their healing powers. Do you also want to discover this truly magical world, please contact me.

🎨 Colors and their healing effect on you and your environment also interests me. In combination with crystals, they are truly magical for everyone.

🙏🏻 Spiritual student - exploring and researching multiple schools of thought. I aim to become the master of my own spiritual journey and inspire others.

♥️ NLP is my new love. Emile Ratelband Topfan!

🎯 My goal is to inspire woman and help create real connections.

🌈 Focus on what brings you joy!

🍀 Mother of a beautiful intelligent daughter aged 15. I am a bit crazy, love my coffee ☕️ and E.T.🛸

🤹🏻 In daily life I love being a district manager for the municipality of Wassenaar: keeping all the balls in the air!

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

I appreciate it you as a follower, please add ‘the bell’ as well than you will get a notification when I open a club, room or am on stage.

Let’s connect!

💻 [email protected]
☎️ +31 6 29 55 29 35

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