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Updated: Oct 2, 2023
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Award winning broadcaster (Including Current TV, Fox News, E! News, ABC News) & executive producer consistently juggling several projects and loving it ... also do lifestyle modeling, real estate, and communications consulting (partial credits and client list on Work with top A list talent, luxury companies, big box retailers...

Podcast: Rock Solid with Crystal Fambrini - exploring how to be our best selves.

I try my best to lead from my heart. I also try my best to always be learning something new, taking on new personal and professional challenges, and connecting with new amazing humans from all walks of life. Yes and... ❤️

I am passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless, shining a light on the shadows ... 2/21 currently working on an investigative docu series with Invisible People on criminalization of homelessness

San Diego State University
Minor in French
BS TV, Film and New Media
California Real Estate License
Lagree Pilates Certified

Born and raised in Walnut Creek, CA

I’m into ... (in no particular order)

Ted Talks
NYT Daily
Do Gooders
Give Back
Emotional Intelligence
Ghost Stories
Funny Stories
Full Moon
Large Crystal Finds
Energy Work / Energy Healing
Vegan and Healthy Cooking
Female Health
Sound Baths
Sunset Style Live Music
Breath Work
Good Energy

I’m extra excited about this app because (1) I LOVE panels and learning from experts and insiders and this seems to have a ton of that (2) I have been working in the audio space creating top charting podcasts with tens of millions of downloads from the ground up for the past 5 years and this app seems to be a mash up of live interactive podcasting mixed with a dash snapchat- once it’s gone it’s gone (right?! or am I already referencing out of date tech ?!) Some of the podcasts I’ve done can be found on my company site: (3) my fingers (and most likely loved ones) get a break from my maniac texting (4) I think I have a great voice lol ;)

THANK YOU now let’s chat and learn from each other!

xx C

Invited by: Shannon Bobo

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