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Updated: Sep 24, 2022
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🇬🇾Identity Revealer🦋, Iron Sharpener; Disciple Developer
⚔️, Apostolic 🗣& Courage Motivator🌬, Prophetic ☄️Intercessor 🌪, 🎙, & Author, Songwriter, Transformational Leader❤️‍🔥, 🏰 Ambassador & Builder; Biblical 🗡Educator, 🎣 of Men 💔🙌🏾…

An RN, Ordained Minister & Doctor of Ed in Min.- Biblical Counseling;
RN👩🏾‍⚕️Mother/Baby🤱🏾; Supervisor of Methadone Clinic
CEO of Courageous Walker Ministries; SSG Legacies, LLC., and Securing the Kingdom International.

Here 2 transform 💔to ❤️‍🔥! When you know💡who UR, and what UR made of 🏰 (Jer. 1:18),U R free 2 🗣& 💃🏾🕺🏾in Christ! Who is sharpening you in your life? Who is there to tear the roof off for you? Connect in the Spirit to discern those who are your Iron SharpenersTM.

“Take Time to Take Time” is now available for purchase as an Ebook!
If you need direction, guidance on hearing in the spirit, and strengthening your relationship with God, & others, this book will bless you! Are you always being voluntold? Are you unclear about how to study? Add another level of support to your life today! Cut and paste link in browser or go to Linktree in Bio!!!
🧨 https://payhip.com/b/ihara 🧨

Add another level of support in your life today! Schedule a healing and strategy session today to receive that momentum to get past that hinderances and receive strategy from the Lord! Don’t hesitate! Someone’s life depends on you!

Founder of Courageous Walker & Moderator
✳️ Courageous Walker
✳️ Do It Afraid Club
✳️ Called To Intercede
✳️ Issachar Anointing

Building the Kingdom🌇🏰🧖🏾. Called to pull the Church out of Complacency Rev. 3:2

-to facilitate activities that reveal identity in Christ
-to help the saved and unsaved navigate trials through Prophetic intercession and teaching the Bible,
-develop biblical foundations for living life in purpose
-provide strategies for living Courageously Over doubt, fear, trauma,depression, anxiety, insignificance, intimidation and defeat.

Courageous Walker Ministries
was created with YOU in mind. You will PUSH past every hinderance to fulfill your call in Christ, starting the business and/or writing the book. We do the heart work, pulling up roots that hinder flowers from blooming.
Believe It. Speak it. Build it.

If you feel led to bless... it goes to help other Courageous Walkers!👣

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