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Updated: May 17, 2024
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Get your mind blown with my words
Follow and i will follow back with hour
I hate unfollowers badly I want kick their ass in front of all so don't follow to unfollow babe
If I don't follow you
Seeeex is a workout if you are not sweating and snoring while doing seeeex you don't do it right
Feel the power of love and orgaism
Turn you on babeee in first conversation
Feel the power of love
If you don't have guts to talk then don't wave baby
Waving and then not talking proves that you are fake and full of 😨😨😨😨😨 fear

I prefer to have a good food 🍲🍲 rather than buying a dress

I am 28

Perfect lifepartner chahiyai
I follow the principle of humanity
Be animal lover babeeeeeee

Love and you will be loved

Please dm me 💕💕💕
Whoever follows me here I will follow him her on Instagram📷📷📷📷 as well
First impression is always not a last impression
May be a person looks more beautiful in real life than here



Jo ladki follow karkay unfollow karaygi uska breakup hojayai
Uski tangyoot jayai

New York
Pushpa naam sunkay flower 🌺🌻🌹🌷samjhi kya 🔥🔥 hai mai jhokoon ga nahin ☺☺☺
Dont ping me without informing me please
I read books only to study not for fiction
I will make you turn on

Chat 💬💬

Dm me before pinging me

Admin of ::
Thank you for reading my bio
Let is follow each other on instagram as welll babee

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