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Updated: Oct 6, 2022
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Prof. Coach +20 yrs.▪️ Supporting Conscious Leaders desiring to live & lead w Wholeheartedness ▪️EQ, SI & PQ

What I do:
🔷 Together we build and diversify your skills, approach & habits to create greater: Self-awareness, Interpersonal Relationships, Capacity to manage Overwhelm, Effectiveness in Conversations & Meetings, Inclusivity, Trustworthiness & Ease and Flow
🔷 Emotional Intelligence & Awareness
🧠 Certified Positive Intelligence Coach - Mental Fitness 💪
🔷 Executive Coach
🔷 Helping Team Leaders build Trusting, Accountable & Resilient Teams
🔥 Facilitate numerous leader development training & workshops
🔶 Supporting clients to live their best lives filled w joy and fulfillment
🔶 Bringing Mindfulness into organizations results in more focus & kinder connections
▪️ Certified Social Styles Facilitator

What I did:
Ex Capital Management
Ex CPA/ NP Treasurer
Ex Franklin Covey
Ex PwC Consultant

I became a coach to help people reduce their suffering & stress and to support them in living their lives joyfully connected to themselves, others and the world around them. ♥️

What Inspires:
🌟 - People also hire me when they are ready for more peace and flow at work by being more in alignment with their spiritual values - no longer compartmentalizing parts of themselves. Authentic self-leadership ♥️

🌟 - I also coach successful people who experience unreliable or unpredictable energy levels (due to fatigue, menopause, caretaking, etc) to create a roadmap to an integrated life with acceptance & flow versus feeling broken or shame or overwhelm. 🤗

Creator of the CHARMED(c) Holistic Goal Setting Model

Where you can find me:
♣️ Club Rooms 👋
Conscious Leading
Positive Intelligence
- contact me if you want to co-mod a conversation

✳️ PQ Coaches Collective

If you’ve scrolled this far, thank you, and, let’s connect on LinkedIn or my newish Insta 🤗


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