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Survive And Hunt (Fierce Of Flames Single) available November 18th, pre-order now!!!

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A cello needs a bow, like a sword needs a whetstone, that’s why I play so much.

Insert Catch Phrase Here: Yolo!!!

Insert Age Here: Ageless As The Oceans

Insert Buy Me A Coffee Here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/CelloPhoenix

Insert Cash App Here: https://cash.app/$CelloPhoenix

Insert Description Here:
As blind as a bat, not joking at all😂😂😂

I’m a symphonic metal musician, electric/acoustic cellist, swordsman, dancer, film score composer, author, baker in training.

Voice Actor and composer in the FunkyiPuppets.

Available for higher for poets, singers, spoken word artists, for pieces, see contact email at the bottom, email me for price and more details. Or, message me on Instagram for more details.

My cello is my voice, music, is my language, composing, is my dialect.

Insert Game Of Thrones Name Here:

Troy Of The Seastorms and Earthquakes.
Of the house Thomas. First of his name.
Cello Warrior, Sound Linguist of the realm.
Storyteller through scoring, Swordsman of the Night.

House Sigil: lashing lightning over the Pacific Ocean.

House Modo: Incandescent as fire🔥🎻🇬🇷

🔥Incandescent As Fire🔥
🔥As Effulgent As The Sun🔥
🔥As Sharp As Lightning🔥
🔥As Clever And Puissant As The Oceans🔥
🔥As Loyal And loving As A Wolf🔥

Insert Professional Email Here:
[email protected]

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