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For DEI professionals who want to start a business or accelerate success in their existing business (more impact/bigger profits).

Seasoned DEI professional with a 28-year track record of success.

💭Are you called to solve equity and inclusion challenges and issues and wondering, “what’s not working” in your practice?

🗣Let’s better connect
💞Let’s better relate to one another
✨Let’s create experiential processes that lead to transformational change.
🚀Move from one-off presentations to multiple 6-7 figure, long-term contracts.

DEI is a tough issue, you can help people discuss difficult subjects during tumultuous times- and I can show you how!

Prepare to take on and secure 💵6-7 figure contracts 💵 with corporations, and federal, state and local governments and be among the highly effective, highly compensated DEI Professionals.

Preparing diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners to impact hearts, minds and lives, and change organizational cultures.

After the murder of George Floyd, I realized that now is the time to engage in the transformation!
Prepare for better conversations without having to struggle around the words or meanings- I believe that you can do the work, put in the time and compassion, and take action. When we are in touch with our own humanity, we can experience our love for one another. It’s the things that we have in common that bring us together, and it’s the differences that divide us.

Invited by: Lori Granito

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