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✅ Official account of @Cairo Confessions
الحساب الرسمي الخاص بكايرو كونفشنز

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Change is imminent.


Account is mostly silent, attends Mental Health Rooms for information, and moderates CC Rooms, reads out confessions.

حساب صامت، حاضر بغرف الصحة النفسية للتزود بالمعلومات و يقوم بادارة الغرف الخاصة بكايرو كونفشنز و يقوم بقرأة الاعترافات في غرف الاعترافات.


In a bad place ☹️?
Contact these numbers:

📞 Ministry of Health Mental Health Support line: 0220816831
📞 Abbasseyya Mental Health Hospital: 01154898506

Our professionals portal:


▪️SATURDAYS 6 or 8pm Cairo Time:
Your experiences with Mental Health Professionals (Psychiatrists & Psychologists)
تجاربكم مع الدكاترة و الاخصائيين النفسيين


✔️Notes from different rooms on topics related to Mental Health and Social Issues

🔲 Mental Health and Wellness Professionals, are they all the same? No.

▪️Life Coaches

◼️ Beneficial Material on Toxic Relationships:

📖 Book (Google it, available online for free)
علاقات خطرة
د.محمد طه

📖 Book (Google it, available online for free)
الخروج عن النص
د.محمد طه

📖 Book (Google it, available online for free)
لأ بطعم الفلامنكو
د.محمد طه

◼️Other important material:

The Definitive Book of Body Language
Allan Pease and Barbara Pease

Invited by: Nouran ElGhazouly

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