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“I am wide; I am a multitude; and I make no apologies for it. I am so incoherent, so chaotic that the product of identity making, the identitarian dynamics of modern settlements and modern epistemologies break down in the face of what I am. In fact ‘I am’ is a rude remark to make in the face of what I am becoming. And language cannot bear hold the Thing that is me.”
~ Dr. Bayo Akomolafe

I have had a practice of utilizing photography to explore sacred witnessing, multidimensionality and spiritual understanding.

I listen and create.

Student of life.

Currently exploring identity, embodiment, decolonialism, letting go of solutionism and actively noticing shifting states of being with humility and curiosity.

Current question:

What is possible when we let go of the idea that we ‘know’ something or are ‘right’ and instead open to the possibility that we ‘don’t know’? What can be achieved/dreamed/created/understood beyond what we think we know?

Invited by: Tiana Garoogian

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