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Bobby Baggumz, is an American rapper, song writer, and entrepreneur who is passionate about his music and his brand. A native of South Carolina, Bobby Baggumz knew at the tender age of ten that he had something special. He fondly remembers practicing his craft of rockin’ the microphone and the crowd for that matter, in Chesterfield, South Carolina, where he embraces the memory when saying, “I did all the high school pep rallies. I was always the one who rocked the mic and moved the crowd......” His mom often told him he should be a preacher because he could captivate an audience and he had passion and charisma like no other. A preacher was never an option because he had music and entertainment in his blood.
Bobby Baggumz was crowned “SMES King of the Ring” MC Battle Champion 3 years in a row proving he was the best of the best and establishing his name in the hip hop arena. He was an artist in the SMES Music Group and worked under the direction of experienced names in the music business, but in 2012, in the midst of his musical career climb, Bobby Baggumz had to take a step back from his career to attend to family matters. His mom lost her arm in a work-related accident that turned the family upside down. He stayed out of the spotlight until 2018, but while he was tending to family matters, Baggumz was also creating new ideas to expand his brand beyond music to include a perfume line for his daughter and his latest venture, Sir.Baggumz Italy, a high-end Italian shoe line that combines high fashion with social awareness. Upon his return to the music scene in 2018, he joined forces with his manager, MikeNice, and DJ Skaz Digga, who are both veterans in the business and work closely with the legendary Big Daddy Kane. Big Daddy Kane was an idol and inspiration to Baggumz so working with members from his team was a tremendous opportunity. On February 1, 2020, Baggumz released the single entitled “Duss’e” which was produced by Point Guard, who has worked with artists such as Kelly Rowland and Nipsey Hussle. The “Duss’e” track was also featured on DJ Noize’s mix tape Hot Right Now #53 released on the same day the single dropped. The mixtape also features other well- known artists in the industry and includes new music

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